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GoPro AD

September 6, 2012

In this advertisement for GoPro, “The worlds most versatile camera”, it shows a man parachuting down from high in the sky. The photo is at a downward angle, showing part of the parachute, the man, and a large area of marshland/farmland beneath him in the distance. On the right side, in fairly large letters, it has the text: “They’ll never see exactly what you saw, but it’s pretty damn close!” as well as some small text on the bottom saying “Gopro:The worlds most versatile camera.” This ad is advertising this small video camera to people who do some sort of extreme sport or activity.

The Denotative things in the ad can be decoded from the 2 texts and the picture of the man. The first text says “They’ll never see exactly what you saw, but it’s pretty damn close!” This is implying that by recording your event, the footage you get from the GoPro, is something you can use to show off to your friends, your family, and the world, to make them feel the excitement that you did while doing this activity. They also say that the GoPro is the most versatile camera – so it is the one that you should buy as it can be used in almost any situation! From the picture of the man, we can see that he is concentrating on what he is doing and isn’t looking into the camera – this is no easy thing he is doing!

The connotative meaning: All GoPro ads, including this one, show people doing extreme spots. This one is parachuting. Its the type of activity not everyone does, and is something that most people would find very cool and exciting. So, by buying this camera, you would be someone that is cool and exciting, and have things that are worth sharing to your family and friends. The man is not looking into the camera – and that can signify that he doesn’t need to worry about recording, and is concentrating on his difficult task – which further reinforces the usefulness of the camera – all you have to do it set it up and go. The camera itself is called the “Hero2” (Its the second version), and the name itself has some connotative meaning. A hero is somebody people look up to and admire, and buy buying the GoPro Hero2 Camera, you are both a professional and hero to the people who will be watching you doing your thing. It is meant to make you feel good about your purchase on more than just one level. The name of the company, the name of the camera model, the print ad, all lead to that subconscious feeling of being a professional, a hero, a person that is highly regarded in society, and somebody that is looked up to.

This advertisement plays perfectly into the stereotype of typical male – a person who is adventurous, strong, skilled, respected by his peers, loves the outdoors, etc. All these things attributes are ones that every man wants people to see, to boost his ego, and to make himself feel more like “a man” – or more correctly, what society thinks a man should be. It enables you to make yourself more popular, by recording yourself and putting it up online, and having people watch it. Its like being your own paperatzi. Paparazzi are known to follow celebrities, and by doing this, you now become the celebrity.

In the end, this advertisement is saying – by buying this camera, you can make yourself a celebrity, a hero, and a cool person in society, because by watching your videos, people will think highly of you.


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