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RTVF 110 unit 4 assignment

December 8, 2012


For my final project I will be researching the south bay car culture  – mostly of the JDM – Japanese Domestic Market / Euro scene). I am chose this subculture because it is one that I belong in, and that other SJSU students belong in as well (Although the subculture is NOT SJSU specific). The members of this subculture identify themselves by their car, usually if you see a modified car (Aftermarket rims, body kit, lighting modifications, lowered, etc), they are part of some type of car culture. Approaching someone about their car and asking about it is usually how people meet and find out more about each other, and get more into the group – because not everyone has a modified car (some people are just starting out.).


This culture has some strong values – the strongest being against the use of replica parts. Replica parts are cheaper, but they take money away from the company that first made it (And put in all the money for research and development), and when that happens, business is lost and it makes them hesitant to make more parts in the future – and this stalls the aftermarket modification that is essential to the community. People feed on the new parts to keep things new and fresh. There are also things like not causing trouble amongst the group and not attracting the cops with burnouts/illegal activities.


I feel the main stereotype for people into cars and car modification is “fast and the furious” / “Ricer” … basically someone who drives fast/street races, and puts on crazy stupid loud modifications to their car. This person is Asian, and is usually rich, and is male. I feel that although there is always a grain of truth to all stereotypes, it is mainly false. Most of the people in the culture heavily frown against any type of street racing as it attracts cops and puts a bad name on the culture. Also, although there are a lot of Asians, there are a lot of other races  in the culture as well, and it’s pretty diverse – especially in the bay area. They money thing is pretty split – some people are very rich and have ton of money to dump into their cars, where other people have some money, but are not rich, as a lot of money goes into their car! You don’t however find people who don’t really have money because there is some money required. And lastly, this is not a male – only culture … there are many females in the car culture, and I personally know many of them. Women can be just as or even more into cars than some guys! 


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